Badiou’s Social Ontology: Another Theory of the Subject

Osman Nemli

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This article tackles a thorny issue within the reception of Badiou’s philosophy, i.e., the question of the role of the “social” within the ontological framework it outlines. Acknowledging that the question of the social is underdeveloped in Badiou’s system, the paper argues that there are resources in it to develop a social ontology, and attempos to flesh it out through an original and sustained reading of Badiou’s key formula on the distinction between democratic materialism and materialist dialectic: “there are only bodies and languages, except that there are truths”.

Nemli O. Badiou’s Social Ontology: Another Theory of the Subject. Síntesis, Rev filos.. 2022;5(2): 51-76. Disponible en: doi:10.15691/0718-5448Vol5Iss2a388 [Accessed 19 May. 2024].
Nemli, O. (2022). Badiou’s Social Ontology: Another Theory of the Subject. Síntesis. Revista de Filosofía, 5(2), 51-76. doi:


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